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Via Bijou
Advent Calendar Via Bijou
180,00 € with VAT
(150,00 € without VAT)
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The price of the individual products included in our Advent calendar is €396. By purchasing our Advent calendar, you can have them for €180. It is our gift to you. The entire advent calendar is designed in such a way that several sets can be assembled from the products in it. For example, the "Soft white set" includes short white earrings, a white expandable ring, a white pendant that can be strung on a surgical steel chain with an adjustable length. The chain is made for interchangeable pendants that are part of the advent calendar. There are three pieces. One long pendant that complements the long earrings with white, one shorter red one that complements the shorter red earrings and the already mentioned white pendant. For casual days, there are string bracelets. One dark blue with translucent cut glass and one soft pink with pink cut glass. Both are adjustable in length. Another bracelet is a red white black chain bracelet, which beautifully complements a soft white set or a soft red set, it can also complement long earrings with white. And for happiness and joy, we added precious stones with a description on parchment paper. We hope that you will like and enjoy our Advent calendar. Your Via Bijou All products in the advent calendar have a description of the composition. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets (where metal is used) are made exclusively of surgical steel. Non-magnetic or magnetic metal is only found on carabiners of key chains. Content of the Via Bijou Advent Calendar: Earrings 6x: 1x silver long with white, 1x silver heart with dark turquoise, 1x white balls, 1x red balls, 1x crystals, 1x hematite pearl earrings, Chain 2x: 1x surgical steel chain with adjustable length for exchangeable pendants, 1x chain made of surgical steel with an American clasp with a heart of silver color with dark turquoise, Expanding ring 2x: 1x white, 1x pink, 3x replaceable chain pendant: 1x white round soft, 1x red round soft, 1x silver long with white, Bracelet 3x: 1x string blue with cut translucent glass, 1x lace soft pink with pink cut glass, 1x chain bracelet red white black, Keychain/pendant 3x: 1x gray pink white key ring, 1x dark pink tassel, 1x hanging decoration with pink cut stones, Pebble with parchment paper 5x: 1x chalcedony, 1x amethyst, 1x sodalite, 1x carnelian, 1x rosary.
Product number 380001
  • Handmade
  • Advent Calendar Via Bijou: Cardboard, Metal cap
Advent Calendar Via Bijou
Length: 30 cm, Width: 6,5 cm, Height: 30 cm, Weight: 850 g
Our philosophy

In our offer you will find handmade jewelry and designer models. Because every piece of jewelry, every piece of clothing from our offered collection is original, many times it is just one existing one, the team achieves the fulfillment of two basic goals of our business strategy. The first team is, of course, the fulfillment of our clients' desire to express their own peculiarities. The second and very serious in today's world is that "child labor" is not used in the manufacture of our products.

Suppliers of materials used in the production of our offer are certified companies, which we strive for the most environmentally friendly approach to production and creation. All our packaging is made of recyclable materials.

Since our products do not include series production, exist in one design or only in small series, we profess the philosophy of a sustainable economy. Forms of our products can be combined with each other. Therefore, you only need one purchase and you have more possibilities of use. The team also contributes to the creation of a new economic model and at the same time contributes to the protection of the environment.

We believe that when you visit our E-shop, you will find what will please your eye and soul.

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